The station inspector from "Hugo" is not going to be happy. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sacha Baron Cohen is looking to inject a little comedy into this year's Oscars by showing up as General Aladeen, the main character from his upcoming film "The Dictator."

Per sources to the trade paper, Cohen, who stars in Best Picture nominee "Hugo" as Inspector Gustav, reached out to Paramount about attending the ceremony as the sex-crazed, Hussein-like despot. However, the studio and Academy has yet to comment on this potential stunt.

This isn't the first time Sacha has attempted an Oscar prank: In 2010, a sketch with Cohen, which featured the "Borat" star dressed as a Na'vi from "Avatar" carrying director James Cameron's love-child, was ultimately yanked.

Cohen's "Dictator" already pulled a "joke" during this year's Super Bowl, when a commercial informed audiences that he had purchased NBC. The Academy might not be so welcoming to an idea like that, especially if it takes away from the attention from fellow nominees and executives from rival studios.

You can find out if General Aladeen shows up at the Oscars -- probably in a sketch where Cohen makes a crack about his country's people being completely silenced like "The Artist" -- this Sunday.

"The Dictator" is set to hit theaters May 11.

[via THR]
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