Hollywood's biggest night of the year may be happening this Sunday, but that doesn't mean there are no new movies to see in theaters. On the contrary, this weekend includes the release of Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston's "Wanderlust," a new Tyler Perry movie called "Tyler Perry's Good Deeds" and the Navy Seal action flick, "Act of Valor."

For a guide to this week's slate of films, let's take a look at Moviefone's Weekend Movie Preview.



What's the story: Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston star as George and Linda, a married couple who live in New York City. When George loses his job, the two are forced to leave the city and look for work elsewhere. However, they end up stumbling upon a hippie commune, where free love and drugs rule. Hijinks ensue.

Box office prediction: Aniston is usually a big box-office draw, and Rudd has a dedicated -- albeit smaller -- fan base, too. With no straightforward comedies to compete with this weekend, "Wanderlust" is likely to come in with a pretty decent haul. $13 million

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"Tyler Perry's Good Deeds"

What's the story: Tyler Perry stars as Wesley Deeds, a wealthy businessman who's always done what's expected of him. However, when Wesley stumbles upon a cleaning lady and her son living in the office building, Deeds finds himself trying to do what's right and help her get back on her feet.

Box office prediction: Here's how Perry has faired on opening weekend with the last four movies he's directed: $25 million, $19 million, $29 million, $23 million. Although none of the films grossed over $100 million, these numbers pretty much guarantee that Perry's dedicated group of fans will come and support him the first weekend out. $20 million

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"Act of Valor"

What's the story: This unique film stars a group of real-life active-duty Navy SEALs. Inspired by true events, "Valor" starts with the discovery of a terrorist plot against the U.S. The SEALs are soon enlisted to help track down the threat and save the country.

Box office prediction: The movie has gotten a strong promotional push, including a trailer during the Super Bowl. However, the high-octane fight scenes and use of real SEALs might not save "Valor," which will likely fall short due to another action-packed film -- one with stars general audiences know ("Safe House"): $10 million

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What's the story: "Gone" stars Amanda Seyfried as Jill Parish, who discovers her sister has been abducted. Jill was kidnapped the year before and thinks the perpetrator behind her sister's disappearance is the same person. However, with no evidence, the police are unable to help, meaning Jill has to go after him on her own.

Box office prediction: Lack of trailers + lack of posters = Small returns. $7 million


The post-apocalyptic "Tomorrow When the War Began" follows a group of high-school friends whose small Australian town is invaded by a mysterious army. Eventually, the teens decide to band together and strike back. Audiences looking for a little Bollywood in their lives can turn to "Jodi Breakers," a musical about dysfunctional relationships. Finally, opening in New York City and Los Angeles is "The Forgiveness of Blood," which follows an Albanian family in the midst of a feud.
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