Nothing pays tribute to Canada -- or to the Canadian sport of hockey -- like a good ol' hockey movie.

'Goon,' which stars Canadian kids Jay Baruchel and Alison Pill (they're actually engaged to be married), is the perfect testament to the sport. Directed by Canadian Michael Dowse, 'Goon' is anything but watered down. Also starring Liev Schreiber and Seann William Scott, there are several bloody ice battles, enough swear words to make your ears bleed and an insider's look into the rough side of hockey.

The movie follows Doug Glatt (Scott) as he makes his way through the hockey circuit, based entirely on his ability to beat other players into a bloody pulp. His buddy (Baruchel) accompanies him on his journey, providing encouragement and vulgar (hilarious) support from the stands.

We caught up with Baruchel, Pill and Dowse at the Toronto Film Festival, where they filled us in on their real-life hockey skills, capturing the locker room insanity, and if 'Goon' is a love song to Canada. (Check out the video interview above.)
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Though a misfit among his brainy family members, Massachusetts bouncer Doug Glatt (Seann William Scott)... Read More

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