Nick Nolte, an Oscar nominee at the 84th annual Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actor, hit the red carpet on Sunday evening and provided some difficult interview opportunities for entertainment reporters.

"If I knew what you said, I could probably answer you," he told ABC red carpet reporter Louise Roe, before awkwardly explaining that he keeps two crows as pets.

Speaking earlier to a Reuters reporter, Nolte discussed the ages of his fellow nominees, 82-year-olds Christopher Plummer and Max Von Sydow, and how one of them was likely to win Best Supporting Actor.

"Age will take it," he said.

Plummer, who starred as a terminally ill man who recently came out as a homosexual in "Beginners," is favored to win the Oscar later this evening.

Asked what he would do without acting, Nolte quipped, "I was always a good thief."

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