(1) I had fun. First of all, the tv camera was an exquisitely unreliable even confused narrator. It kept flashing reaction shots of contenders who didn't wind up winning -- Martin Scorsese and George Clooney for starters.

The camera was sneaky in other ways -- we saw an uncomfortable Steven Spielberg (director of Schindler's List and a force behind the U.S. Holocaust Museum) watch Iranian filmmakers collect an Oscar.

(2) Billy Crystal is a great entertainer. Maybe next year they can splice and broadcast his bits from this and previous years and save money.

(3) Meryl Streep has a sly shoulder shrug -- head turned toward that shoulder -- that is the closest I've seen anyone come to miming a classy f*** you. The first time I saw her do it was in a production of The Taming of the Shrew at the Public Theater. Last night she did it again while accepting her Oscar. She was dismissing detractors who she figured were probably saying "her again." Her great-looking husband Don Gummer looks like he runs a European country -- totally competently. What did you notice?

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