Despite the fact that Richard Dreyfuss was out and about after the 84th Academy Awards, he wasn't really in the mood for celebrating.

Dreyfuss begrudgingly discussed winning an Oscar at age 30, for 1977's "Goodbye Girl." "It made the rest of my life longer, until someone else younger won," he said. (Huh?)

When the interviewer -- mentally loosening his bow tie -- asked if there were any young actors who excited him, Dreyfuss ruffled his brows and said, "I don't go to movies anymore. I don't really go to movies," he shrugged. "And I'm busy."

Busy, indeed! The actor, who "is trying to save the country and win the Nobel," suddenly got very "evil politician" a la his role in "The American President." He inched closer to the camera and said that he wants everyone in America to re-sign the Constitution's Preamble "just as a reaffirmation of who we are."

I wish I knew, Rich. I wish I knew.
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