The full trailer for "The Deep Blue Sea" has hit the web and, happily, there's no trace of sharks or LL Cool J.

In fact, "The Deep Blue Sea" has a far more illustrious history than the similar-titled shark attack flick. Based on Terence Ratigan's 1952 play, it was later adapted for the big screen in 1955, starring Vivien Leigh.

So, now that that's cleared up, Terence Davies's ("The House of Mirth") most recent incarnation stars a 50s-fied Rachel Weisz as Hester (reference!), the wife of a British judge who winds in a scandalous affair with an ex-pilot (Tom Hiddleston).

From the trailer, it seems to be of the terribly-upsetting-yet-beautiful genre; lots of pained silences and long, mediative cigarette puffs. Since screening at Toronto Film Festival this past year, the film has received its fair share of buzz. And why shouldn't it? Weisz really does wear that "Mad Men" thing well, right?

"The Deep Blue Sea" hits select theaters on March 23.

[via Collider]
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