DVD or Blu-ray? Redbox or Netflix? Streaming? Whatever your poison, we've got the highlights and lowlights on the week's new releases -- as well an exclusive clip from the week's biggest release: the Oscar-winning "Hugo."

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What's It About? Martin Scorsese tries his hand at family films with this adaptation of the award-winning children's book. Hugo Cabret is an orphaned boy who lives out of a train station in 1930s Paris; by day he works as the station's clocksmith, by night he tries to solve the mystery that connects his departed father to a broken toy robot. Soon he is swept up in an adventure involving a mean old shopkeeper (Ben Kingsley) and lost pieces of film history.

See It Because: It's a gorgeous, heart-warming, one-of-a-kind movie. Every detail -- from the snow-covered skyline of Paris to the recreation of landmark moments in silent film -- pop with excitement and beauty. We struggle to find the words that can describe this movie appropriately; Scorsese's technical craftsmanship and passion for film history are a surprising perfect fit for this sweet, whimsical and wistful fable for both young and old audiences. We happen to think pretty highly of it.
Watch and exclusive clip from the DVD/Blu-ray of "Hugo."

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New Releases on DVD & Blu-Ray

"Johnny English Reborn" We've always had a softspot for slapstick Brit comic Rowan Atkinson, even when he's making unnecessary sequels to James Bond spoofs from almost a decade ago. See It or Skip It: See it, if you're still a sucker for Mr. Bean. Also Available on Amazon Instant Video

"The Myth of the American Sleepover" A group of teens celebrate the last day of summer before they must depart for school; the film's deliberately timeless setting and use of real, unknown teen actors recalls the wistfulness of "American Graffitti." See It or Skip It: See it. Also Available on Amazon Instant Video

"Justice League: Doom" Warner Bros. continues its string of direct-to-DVD animated adaptations of the biggest storylines in DC comics history. In this one, the Legion of Doom use Batman's own technology to take down the Justice League. How can these movies get it so right, while "Green Lantern" gets it so wrong? See It or Skip It: See it. Also Available on Amazon Instant Video

"I Melt With You" Do you want Jeremy Piven, Thomas Jane and Rob Lowe star as brooding best buds coping through a mutual mid-life crisis with sex, drugs, hard drinking and smug frat-house philosophy? See It or Skip It: Skip it. Also Available on Amazon Instant Video

"Answer To Nothing" Dane Cook stars in a dark mystery about child abduction. Good for him. See It or Skip It: Skip it. Also Available on Amazon Instant Video

New on Redbox "The Big Year" DVD & Blu-ray

"Dream House" DVD & Blu-ray

"In Time" DVD & Blu-ray

"J. Edgar"

"The Thing" DVD & Blu-ray

New on Amazon Instant Video"Return"

New to Blu-ray "The Bucaneer" (1958)


"Runaway Jury"

"Scarlet Street" (1945)

"Vanya on 42nd Street" Criterion Collection

"Where Love Has Gone" (1964)
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