Following months of delays and preparations, earth artist Michael Heizer's latest creation, "Levitated Mass" (showing at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art), will receive its centerpiece: a 340-ton chunk of granite known, fittingly, as "The Rock."

According to the AP, "The artist plans to have the rock placed over a 456-foot-long trench in such a way that when museum visitors walk underneath it will appear to be floating in the air above them." Fun! But how does The Rock compare to that other Los Angeles landmark known as The Rock: movie star Dwayne Johnson? Ahead, Moviefone pits The Rock vs. The Rock. Who will emerge victorious?

LOCATION: The Rock lives in Los Angeles, and -- though he still has property in Florida -- recently sold a Miami home. Since last year, "The Rock" had been residing in a rock quarry outside Riverside, Calif. It will now travel 60 miles to LACMA. Advantage: The Rock.

GOALS: In addition to contemplating a future career in politics, The Rock is also fond of bringing it and putting boots to asses. "The Rock" will travel for 11 days and then be a rock. Advantage: The Rock.

CAREER: Thanks to the success of "Journey 2: The Mysterious Island," The Rock has seen his films gross over $1 billion domestically since debuting in "The Scorpion King." "The Rock" is a rock. Advantage: The Rock.

SIZE: According to his Wikipedia page (always accurate, obviously), The Rock is six-foot-five-inches tall and 275 pounds. "The Rock" weighs 340 tons. Tons. Advantage: "The Rock."

TWITTER PRESENCE: The Rock has over 2.1 million followers. "The Rock" is still a rock. Advantage: The Rock.

In a runaway, The Rock handily defeats "The Rock" for Los Angeles Rock supremacy. Congratulations, Rock!

The "Levitated Mass" exhibition is scheduled to open at LACMA next month.
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