There's a scene at the beginning of the movie "Head," where the 60s TV pop group, The Monkees, find themselves jumping off a bridge into the sea. There, the water promptly turns a random assortment of neon orange, green and blue. They are then transported into a room, where each member ends up face-to-face with a beautiful woman who begins to kiss them. It is one of the (relatively) normal moments from the psychedelic flick, written by Jack Nicholson and directed by Bob Rafelson.

On Wednesday, the Monkees' lead singer Davy Jones passed away from a heart attack at the age of 66. Although Jones is mainly known for his musical and TV contributions to pop culture (the Monkees began through a television series), his acting chops lead him to several moments on the big screen.

"Head" was the first time Jones starred in a feature film. The project, which was conceived by Nicholson, Rafelson and the entire band during a drug-fueled weekend in California, made almost nothing at the box office. However, it has since developed a cult following.

After "Head," Jones returned to more family-friendly fare, voicing the character of Jim Hawkins in the 1973 animated film "Treasure Island." In 1974, he did voice work in "Oliver Twist." Decades later, he made a cameo in "The Brady Bunch Movie," a nod to his guest spot on the show in 1971. (Watch above.)

Younger audiences may best know Jones through the song "I'm a Believer," which was re-popularized with the Smash Mouth cover from "Shrek."

Jones is survived by his wife Jessica and four daughters from previous marriages.

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