Good news, "Hunger Games" fanatics: with February almost over (damn leap year!), there are only 24 more days until "The Hunger Games" debuts on March 23. Translation: you're in the homestretch! And if you want to experience "Hunger Games" mania right in your hometown, Lionsgate and Moviefone are happy to help.

In honor of "The Hunger Games," Moviefone is giving away 24 tickets to two separate screenings (meaning 48 tickets total, math majors!). The full list of cities will be announced later, but for now here's what you need to do: Tweet your city with the hashtag #HungerGames24, followed by your location (for Moviefone users: #HungerGames24DEN or #HungerGames24STL) then enter the hashtag right here to be eligible to win. Fans can vote for what cities get the big screenings, so if you think your town has the most "Hunger Games" fans, here's your chance to prove it to everyone.

For more information, head here. As always, may the odds be ever in your favor!

"The Hunger Games" is out in theaters on March 23.
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