It's still unclear just when "Piranha 3DD" (those DDs mean what you think they mean) will actually hit theaters -- director John Gulager told that the horror sequel should arrive in the "spring" -- but one thing is clear: whenever it does arrive, it's going to give "Piranha" fans everything they want.

A new trailer for the splatterfest has swam online, and it's bananas. Bananas. Ahead, the 13 craziest parts of the new "Piranha 3DD" trailer.

1. "In the world's wildest water park, the party has never been hotter." Someone wrote that. 2. Stripper lifeguards. 3. The nonsense Christopher Lloyd says about piranhas. "Fish could become confused." 4.Cerie from "30 Rock" getting her piranha on. 5. "This summer." 6. The water park is called "Big Wet." 7. David Hasselhoff's hero entrance. 8. That shot of the girl on the waterslide with a piranha biting her neck. 9. There is a piranha swimming inside a girl's stomach. 10. Whatever that guy about to have sex with the girl with the piranha in her stomach does to his penis. 11. Gary Busey biting the head off a piranha. 12. "Double the D's." 13. Oh, and Ving Rhames has machine gun legs.

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