As the old saying goes, when God forces one Oscar-winning actress out the door because she's too busy, he brings another through the window. (What?) Nicole Kidman will play Colin Firth's onscreen wife in "The Railway Man," replacing Rachel Weisz in role. Weisz, who stars in the upcoming "The Deep Blue Sea," had to bow out of her duties because of scheduling conflicts with ''The Bourne Legacy'' and ''Oz: The Great and Powerful.''

Directed by Jonathan Teplitzky ("Burning Man"), ''The Railway Man'' is based on autobiography of Eric Lomax (Firth), which details his time as a Japanese POW during World War II.

Kidman will play the role of Patti, Lomax's better half, who helped urged him to address his longstanding trauma and reunite him with one of the Japanese officers who administered his tortures. Also in the cast, "War Horse" star Jeremy Irvine, who -- in a bit of kismet-like casting -- plays the younger version of Lomax.

This is sure to bring about some sublime and distressing performances from both the Oscar winners, which will expand Firth's ever-depressing oeuvre. Thank God we'll always have "Love Actually," "Mamma Mia," the "Bridget Jones" movies and his charming introduction to Meryl Streep at the Oscars. "'Mamma Mia.' We were in Greece. We danced. I was gay."

Oh, Colin, you're a dream!

[via Variety]
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