U.S. government officials aren't the only ones giving Kathryn Bigelow fits over her upcoming Osama bin Laden film. According to Reuters, the director, who's currently in India shooting the feature, is facing backlash from local Hindus over making the set area appear Pakistani.

The film, "Zero Dark Thirty," which follows the capture of the world's most wanted terrorist, was originally going to shoot in Pakistan, where bin Laden was captured. However, after being denied access by the government, Bigelow moved production to the Indian town of Chandigarh. There, the crew has designed the area to look like the Paskistan town of Lahore, including with extras dressed in Pakistani garb.

Reuters reports that protesters were seen shouting slogans and arguing with the cast and crew.

This isn't the first trouble Bigelow has run into while attempting to make this film. In January, the CIA opened an official investigation into the project over whether the Oscar-winning director and screenwriter Mark Boal were leaked classified material regarding the recent capture and assassination of the late al Qaeda leader.

"Zero Dark Thirty" is set to hit theaters some time in 2012.

[Reuters via EW]
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