For most, May means warm weather and flowers blooming but for Melissa McCarthy the month might mean something else: dollar signs!

"Bridesmaids" first hit theaters on May 13 of last year and her upcoming comedy, "Identity Theft," has just been slapped with a very similar release date.

McCarthy is starring alongside "Arrested Development" star Jason Bateman in the upcoming switcheroo comedy, which will hit theaters on May 10, 2013. Perhaps "Horrible Bosses" director Seth Gordon is hoping that when it comes to mind-boggling comedy success, lightning will strike twice.

If not for its lucky date, the film has other things going for it -- beyond the prowess of McCarthy, Bateman and Gordon -- Steve Conrad ("The Pursuit of Happyness") and Craig Mazin ("Hangover Part II") are partnering on the screenplay.

[via Indiewire and BoxOfficeMojo]

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