"You've got to send me back to 1969," Will Smith's character, Agent J, says to a bearded store clerk in the new trailer for "Men in Black 3." And boy, does director Barry Sonnenfeld really want drive home that "era of free love" thing Smith is yammering on about.

The new footage from the upcoming space sequel features Smith travelling back in time to find Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones), who, in present time, has mysteriously disappeared. (Confused yet?) In the '60s, Will and young Agent K (Josh Brolin) fight aliens, make jokes and travel to some groovy, intergalactic party (1960s counterculture was just like space!) where they encounter Andy Warhol (Bill Hader), a double agent for MIB. (Andy Warhol was just like space, too!)

The trailer also gives fans an extended look at the aliens J and K will encounter, along with some high-tech gadgets (including a bike/halo-type vehicles) and even a few cliched jokes (Josh Brolin looks old! Will Smith says "shiznit"!).

"Men in Black 3," starring Smith, Jones, Brolin, Emma Thompson and Michael Stuhlbarg, hits theaters May 25.
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Men in Black 3
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