Amr Waked is used to being offered stereotypical Arabic roles, and he's had to turn down countless jobs because he didn't feel they portrayed the culture properly. Waked jumped at the chance, though, to play Sheikh Muhammed in "Salmon Fishing In The Yemen." The Sheikh is deeply religious, but also very calm and amenable to the presence of outsiders (in this case, his co-stars Ewan McGregor and Emily Blunt).

A native Egyptian, Waked insists life there isn't all that dissimilar from Yemeni culture, but he notes that the production team took great care in depicting the country and its people properly.

Moviefone caught up with the actor at the Toronto Film Festival and he spoke to us about playing Arabic roles, how different "Salmon Fishing" is from your regular romantic comedy and his one (and only) experience with fly fishing.

Check out our interview with Waked above.
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