When you're on the verge becoming a worldwide superstar, getting turned down for a potential role seems pretty inconsequential. At least that's the stance Liam Hemsworth is taking.

Recently, the actor -- who's set to star in the highly anticipated adaptation of "The Hunger Games" -- was attached to play Bruce WIllis' son in the next installment of "Die Hard." However, he lost out to fellow newcomer Jai Courtney.

"It didn't end up happening," Hemsworth told MTV News. "Like a lot of things in this town, sometimes you're right for things, and sometimes someone else is better for the part."

However, not all is lost for Hemsworth on the action sequel front. This summer, he'll star alongside Sylvester Stallone in "The Expendables 2," out August 17. Before that, Liam will portray Gale Hawthorne in "Hunger Games," which hits theaters March 23. Two reasons for the actor to shout something close to "Yippie kay-yay motherf****r!"

[via MTV]
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