Assuming that you did not see "Abduction" and you're not really into "Mirror, Mirror," don't despair! There might actually be a Lily Collins film that piques your interest.

The actress has signed onto the upcoming family dramedy, "Writers," starring Greg Kinnear and Jennifer Connelly.

From newcomer Josh Boone, the film follows a literary celebrity (Kinnear) who is still hung up on his ex-wife (Connelly). Collins stars as their college-aged daughter, who -- like mother, like daughter -- is lusted after by her aspiring-writer schoolmate, played by Logan Lerman. The film weaves together the narratives of each family members over the course of a year.

Nat Wolff, Liana Liberato and Kristen Bell have also joined the cast; Bell will take up the role as Kinnear's friend who tries to help him move on from his breakup. The film also boasts a few big-name cameos, including novelist Stephen King, Rusty Joiner and Patrick Schwarzenegger.

It's like the Avengers for New York Review of Books subscribers!

[via THR]
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