This weekend sees the release of Jennifer Westfeldt's "Friends with Kids," and thanks to a cast of your favorite stars -- Adam Scott, Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolf and Jon Hamm -- the film seems destined for indie box office success.

The film follows two platonic besties (Westfeldt and Scott) who try to outsmart the system by having a baby and then look for love elsewhere. Despite following classic romcom tropes a la "When Harry Met Sally" -- whose 1989 tag line was "Can two friends sleep together and still love each other in the morning?" -- the film is being praised for its decidedly different approach to love and friendships.

And in addition to the film being Westfeltd's long-awaited return to romcom glory, the dramedy also marks the 11-year screen reunion of Hollywood's favorite high/low couple: Westfeldt and Hamm.

In 2001, when Westfeldt's first project "Kissing Jessica Stein" hit theaters, things looked a bit different for the pair -- before becoming the consummate cigarette smoking stud in AMC's "Mad Men," Hamm was a virtual nobody. A bright spot, however, was his cameo in his gf's super smart flick.

So, in honor of your fave romcom-to-be, let's take a look at the couple's first go at being co-stars.

1. No, Jennifer Westfeldt, Charles has not had a horrible time out there, too. Look at him. 2. Jon Hamm's character's name is Charles. 3. Is he wearing an emerald-color tie and a green shirt? 4. Oh, he's parting his hair down the middle. 5. Jennifer played that bashful thing perfectly. 6. "Her name's Michelle." 7. Ouch. 8. God, that voice. 9. Charles kind of has a Dick Whitman thing going on, right? 10. Seriously, he looks so scared. 11. That's the thing about life -- there's always a dreamboat to your left who's dating someone named Michelle and then the less good-looking guy across the table who quoting Anais Nin.
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