When a new movie gets released, the stars of that movie will do an endless amount of short interviews with the hopes of convincing you that this new movie is the greatest movie ever. After that, those stars move on to promote a new project, which then becomes becomes the new greatest movie ever. Sadly, the prior film is usually forgotten. No more! Here at Moviefone, we've decided to honor the long lost junket interviews of the past.

In this week's edition, Eddie Murphy is promoting 2009's "Imagine That." On its opening weekend, "Imagine That" would gross $5.5 million, finishing fifth behind "The Hangover," "Up," "The Taking of Pelham 123," "Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian," and "Land of the Lost." "Imagine That' did beat the sixth week of Star Trek. "Imagine That" would go on to gross just over $16 million domestically.

In this interview with "Chuck the Movie Guy," Murphy is told that he hit the "perfect blend" between finding the humor and going too far with his character. Murphy gives full credit to the director, "That's Karey, the director, that found that balance." Later, Murphy expresses his astonishment in regard to the passing of musical trends, "You can go to a 10-year old or a 15-year-old and say, 'Name all four of the Beatles'... and they can't do it. And that blows my mind."

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