In Disney's "John Carter," a Civil War soldier is mysteriously whisked away to the red planet of Mars, and stuck in the middle of an inter-species battle for supremacy. But let's get to the really important matter at hand: Taylor Kitsch is shirtless for most of the movie. For the "Friday Night Lights" hunk to fit in with his new four-armed friends, he's got to drop his pants and put on the loincloth. It's no wonder he catches the eye of the too-hot-for-Earth Princess Deeja (Lynn Collins), whose leather-clad ensemble covers just enough naughty bits to avoid an "adults only" rating.

John Carter and the Martian inhabitants are not the first sci-fi characters to make audiences hot under the collar with their barley-there outfits. There's a galaxy full of humans, aliens and robots that show more than a little skin, while they're busy saving/blowing up the world.

To celebrate the universe's best exposed midriffs, loincloths and metal underwear, we count down the sexiest characters in sci-fi movie history.


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