When you start a fansite, you do it for the love of the books. Where it takes you, you never know. Where it has taken us, well there are very few words to describe how amazing it has turned out to be. When Lionsgate invited us to 'The Hob,' the official camp out for the world premiere of The Hunger Games, there were no words to describe the feeling, except by saying a hobby gone wrong had gone incredibly right.

When walking into LA Live, the place was swarming with Lakers and Celtics fans, as the basketball rivalry was also in town that day. We walked to the center of LA Live, and saw a sea of tents, and we knew that we had found our way home. For all that don't know, in The Hunger Games, The Hob is a black market in district 12. Only this was the place that hundreds of people had come to share their love for Katniss, Peeta, and Gale. It was the place where a new fandom had come to find their place.

Checking into 'The Hob' we were given access that we didn't expect. We are a fansite, and yet that didn't matter. We were press, and Lionsgate was so kind to tell us how we were important and a big reason that all of this was coming to life.

We were informed that cast members would be arriving every hour to sign autographs for the fans. We weren't going to be able to interview them, but we were going to be able to have access to pictures and autographs.

Amandla Stenberg was the first. The young actress who plays Rue, lit up 'The Hob.' Her infectious smile overtook the crowd. She never wavered from her excitement, smiling and meeting every one with the same gracious humbleness. You could tell that she was genuinely happy to be there.

We took pictures from a distance, careful not to disturb the fans that had been waiting.

Lionsgate then granted us access to talk to the fans. Most were standing in line, anxiously awaiting their turn to meet the next cast member that was going to be signing autographs. Alexander Ludwig, was next. He took the time to speak with all of the fans that came in, listening to their story, asking about them, and thanking everyone for taking the time to love the movie.

We decided at this point to get in line. We wanted the opportunity to take pictures and speak to the cast.

When we made our way to the front of the line, Isabelle Fuhrman was sitting there. She stopped the line, and as Isabelle saw us standing there, she waved us over. We handed her our posters, and introduced ourselves. It's amazing to us the way their faces light up and they recognize where we are from.

"I find out all the gossip and things that are going on from all of your fansites." Isabelle said to us, "You guys know before we do."

I guess you can call The Hunger Games Fansites, the Hunger Games CIA.

Willow Shields, who plays Primrose Everdeen was just as amazing. The young actress greeted everyone and thanked everyone for being a fan.

Out of the corner of our eyes, we noticed a fiery red-head approaching. Jackie Emerson has a presence that commands the room. She kept looking over at the congregation of fansites that stood there, taking pictures and staring.

With every fan that walked through, she stopped and introduced herself. "Hi, I'm Jackie" she would say. We wanted to tell her, we knew. There was no one like her.

The fansites asked Lionsgate if we could take a picture as a group with Jackie, and when she was asked, she seemed to jump at the chance. She walked the line of us, introducing herself, with her mother following behind. We could see where she got her fun-loving outgoing side from. She treated each and every one of us with kindness and respect.

We were prepared to leave, when we were told that Peeta, our boy with bread would be coming at 6 p.m. There was suddenly nothing that was going to get any of us to move. Not anything. Even if California fell into the ocean, we would be right there, waiting.

Josh Hutcherson snuck in under a cloud of security, and as the crowd danced to the DJ, he made his way over to the gate, stood on it and waved. Screams echoed through the crowd, and chants of Peeta echoed through the air.

Lionsgate let the fansites go first to meet Josh. He thanked each and every one of us for our support and signed magazines and posters. He made sure to take a picture with each of us.

Yes, starting a fansite was a hobby. It's a labor of love. Meeting the actors that genuinely care, and take the time to support what we do, as we support what they do... there is no greater satisfaction. Our hobby gone terribly wrong went terribly right thanks to the cast of The Hunger Games and the behind the scenes people at Lionsgate.
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