Thanks to the fine folks at Autoblog Canada and Moviehole, we have a photo of the car from the new production of "Mad Max: Fury Road."

Called the Gigahorse, it's said to be the "hero car" in "Mad Max: Fury Road." According to Autoblog Canada, it's a double-bodied '59 Cadillac with two supercharged V8s connected by a planetary gear, sitting on a monster-truck chassis and sporting a four-bladed cow catcher.

It's uncertain whether this is the main vehicle of the movie (Tom Hardy is playing Mad Max), but it's certainly got "the look," doesn't it?

Last November, George Miller said he'd film "Fury Road" and "Mad Max: Furiosa" back-to-back and that production could take 2.5 years, so it might be some time before we see the Gigahorse in the local multiplex. Production is setting up in Namibia.

For more on the car specifics, check out the full article on Autoblog Canada.
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