Monday was a great day to be a Judd Apatow fan at South By Southwest -- especially if you happened to be near the Paramount Theater. In the afternoon, the Austin-based festival premiered "Girls," the new HBO series from wunderkind Lena Dunham, which Apatow produced with his "Undeclared" cohort, Jennifer Konner.

Following the debut of "Girls" -- three episodes screened to wild praise and applause -- the Paramount was home to the world premiere of "21 Jump Street," featuring Apatow regular Jonah Hill. (Apatow did not produce "21 Jump Street," though with its dick jokes and bromantic leanings, you'd be forgiven for thinking he did.)

Below, check out photos of the big Apatow-centric evening at SXSW; come back to Moviefone for more on both "Girls" and "21 Jump Street" this week.

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