On to Day Two! Yesterday, Moviefone launched our Will Ferrell Bracketology to help decide, once and for all, which of the comedian's movie characters is the best. (The tournament is in honor of Will's latest film,"Casa de Mi Padre," and the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.)

After a day of voting in the Saint Diego region, Ron Burgundy ("Anchorman") handily defeated his opponent, Nick Halsey ("Everything Must Go"), and Chaz Reinhold ("Wedding Crashers") took out Mustafa ("Austin Powers").

Today, we move on to the Snoop-A-Loop region, which pits Brennan Huff ("Step Brothers") against the heavily favored Frank the Tank ("Old School"), and Jackie Moon ("Semi-Pro") against hotshot detective Allen "Gator" Gamble ("The Other Guys").

You have until tomorrow (Wednesday, 3/14) at 12 p.m. to make your picks! (You can see the full bracket below.)

UPDATE: POLLING HAS NOW CLOSED Advancing to the second round are Frank the Tank and Allen Gamble. For the latest round of voting, HEAD HERE.

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