Have you heard of swank, spark, marmalade plop or jock gel? Well, don't worry if you haven't: "famous person" Jonah Hill and "film composer" Channing Tatum are here to help.

In the newest clip from the folks at Funny or Die, the cast of "21 Jump Street" warns you about the dangers of fictional drugs, which, as Tatum says, "are no laughing matter."

According to them, things like slappers, spank and Forrest Whitaker (the drug, not the actor -- we think) are mind-altering substances you should apparently be aware of -- even though they don't really exist.

"Just because we made some of these things up right now doesn't mean they aren't dangerous," adds Tatum.

"21 Jump Street," which stars Tatum, Hill, Rob Riggle (who's also in the PSA), and Ice Cube, is based on the original '80s TV series of the same name. The film follows Jenko (Tatum) and Schmidt (Hill) as they go undercover in an attempt to stop a high-school ring dealing the drug known as HFS.

Before the film hits theaters this Friday, make sure to tune into the important PSA above.

[via Funny or Die]
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