With the film portion of the South By Southwest Film Festival slowly winding down -- and with those crazy music-only people seemingly turning Austin into a deleted scene from "Southland Tales" -- what better time to give out some festival awards! SXSW did just that on Tuesday night, honoring the graffiti drama "Gimme the Loot" and the rock documentary "Beware of Mr. Baker," about Cream drummer Ginger Baker. Fun! Other winners included Richard Linklater's "Bernie" and even "X-Men: First Class"? Sure thing.

Narrative Spotlight, Documentary Spotlight, Emerging Visions, Midnighters, 24 Beats Per Second, SXGlobal and Festival Favorites Audience Awards will be announced separately Saturday, but for now, check out these SXSW winners.

Feature Film Jury Awards

DOCUMENTARY FEATURE COMPETITIONGrand Jury Winner: "Beware of Mr. Baker" Director: Jay Bulger

NARRATIVE FEATURE COMPETITIONGrand Jury Winner: "Gimme The Loot" Director: Adam Leon

Special Jury Recognition for Performance: Jamie Chung - "Eden" Besedka Johnson - "Starlet" Nico Stone - "Booster"

Feature Film Audience Awards

DOCUMENTARY FEATUREWinner: Bay of All Saints Director: Annie Eastman

NARRATIVE FEATUREWinner: "Eden" Director: Megan Griffiths

Short Film Jury Awards

NARRATIVE SHORTSWinner: "The Chair" Director: Grainger David

DOCUMENTARY SHORTSWinner: "CatCam" Director: Seth Keal MIDNIGHT SHORTSWinner: "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared" Directors: Rebecca Sloan & Joseph Pelling

SXGLOBAL SHORTSWinner: "The Perfect Fit" Director: Tali Yankelevich

ANIMATED SHORTSWinner: "(notes on) biology" Director: Danny Madden

MUSIC VIDEOSWinner: Battles, "My Machines" Director: DANIELS

TEXAS SHORTSWinner: Spark Director: Annie Silverstein

TEXAS HIGH SCHOOL SHORTSWinner: Boom Director: Daniel Matyas & Brian Broder

SXSW Film Design Awards presented by iStockphoto

EXCELLENCE IN POSTER DESIGNWinner: "Man & Gun" Designer: Justin Cox

Special Jury Recognition: "Pitch Black Heist" Designer: Andrew Cranston

Audience Award Winner: "The Maker" Designer: Christopher Kezelos

EXCELLENCE IN TITLE DESIGNWinner: "Les Bleus de Ramville" Designer: Jay Bond, Oily Film Company Inc.

Special Jury Recognition: "X-Men: First Class" Designer: Simon Clowes, Prologue Films

Audience Award Winner: "Bunraku" Designer: Guilherme Marcondes, Hornet Inc. SXSW Special Awards

SXSW WHOLPHIN AWARDWinner: "The Black Balloon" Director: Benny Safdie & Josh Safdie

SXSW CHICKEN & EGG EMERGENT NARRATIVE WOMAN DIRECTOR AWARDWinners: Megan Griffiths for Eden and Amy Seimetz for "Sun Don't Shine"

LOUIS BLACK "LONE STAR" AWARDWinner: "Bernie" Director: Richard Linklater

Special Jury Recognition: "Trash Dance" Director: Andrew Garrison


For more on the films, head to SXSW.com.
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