The Will Ferrell Tournament continues!

With half the Elite Eight field set, let's focus our attention on the Rockingham Region, where Ricky Bobby of "Talladega Nights" goes up against underdog soccer coach Phil Weston of "Kicking & Screaming," and, in perhaps the tourney's most anticipated matchup, Megamind takes on Mugatu from "Zoolander."

(For those who haven't been following, the tourney is in honor of "Casa de Mi Padre," Will's latest film out March 16, and the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.)

You have until tomorrow (Thursday, 3/15) at 12 p.m. to make your Rockingham Region picks! (You can see the full updated bracket, with winners from previous rounds, below.)

UPDATE: POLLING HAS NOW CLOSED Advancing to the second round are Ricky Bobby and Mugatu. For the latest round of voting, HEAD HERE.

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