Although the NCAA tournament is only into its initial rounds, Moviefone's Will Ferrell Tournament has already hit the Elite Eight!

After one week of voting, Ron Burgundy and Chaz Reinhold (Saint Diego Region) Frank the Tank and Detective Allen Gamble (Snoop-A-Loop Region), Ricky Bobby and Mugatu (Rockingham Region), and Buddy the Elf and Chaz Michael Michaels (Arctic Puffin Region) all advanced into the next round of the bracket. The only upset so far belongs to Detective Gamble, who took out the second-seeded Jackie Moon of "Semi-Pro."

(For those who haven't been following, the tourney is in honor of "Casa de Mi Padre," Will's latest film, and the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.)

Now, you'll have until Tuesday, 3/20 at 12 p.m. to make your Elite Eight picks! (You can see the full updated bracket, with winners from previous rounds, below.)

UPDATE: POLLING HAS NOW CLOSED Advancing to the Final Four are Buddy the Elf, Frank the Tank, Ron Burgundy and Ricky Bobby. For the previous rounds voting results, HEAD HERE.

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