It appears Charlize Theron is living up to that self-described "evil b****" label.

After debuting at WonderCon over the weekend, the newest trailer for "Snow White and the Huntsman" has hit the web, and it provides viewers with an even darker look at Theron's Evil Queen. For instance, she wants to murder the "fairest of them all" heir, Snow White (Kristen Stewart), by eating her heart.

Translation: if you're expecting a friendlier fairytale closer to the original Brothers Grimm story (see: "Mirror Mirror") you'll be sorely disappointed. This clip from the film features epic battle scenes, frightening monsters and -- it appears -- demons.

"It's really a big kind of swashbuckling knights in armor kind of movie, basically," director Rupert Sanders told Movieline in an interview this weekend. "We've lots of castles on hilltops and horse battles and shattering black armies, it's kind of a medieval fairytale, with the kind of scale of the films that people love, like 'Gladiator' or 'Lawrence of Arabia.' It's got those big sweeping vistas. It's a big and imaginative world."

For an extended, five-minute look at "Huntsman," which gives fan a little more background to the movie's story, head over to xfinity.

"Snow White and the Huntsman," starring Stewart, Theron and Chris Hemsworth, hits theaters June 1.

[via xfinity]
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