Imagine winning an international athletic competition. However, as you step to the podium to accept your gold medal, the wrong national anthem plays.

Unfortunately, that's the reality one participant recently encountered during the 10th Arab Shooting Competition in Kuwait.

According to the BBC, when Maria Dmitrienko from the Kazakhstan team went to receive her medal, she was serenaded, not with her country's official song, but instead, the parody track actor Sacha Baron Cohen sang during "Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan."

In the 2006 comedy, Cohen famously depicted Kazakhstan as racist and sexist -- a notion that eventually got the film banned from the country. The spoof anthem features the funnyman praising the nation for its prostitutes and poor treatment of Jews.

As you can see from the video of the ceremony above, Dmitrienko miraculously stays calm during the song (somehow, it was played in full).

Of course, the Kazakh team was not pleased with the mixup and demanded an apology.

You can read more about the awkward mishap over on the BBC.

Sacha Baron Cohen recently faced controversy at the 84th Academy Awards, where he showed up as Admiral General Aladeen from his upcoming film, "The Dictator" and subsequently spilled "Kim Jon Il's ashes" (it was actually pancake batter) all over Ryan Seacrest.

[via BBC]
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