More than 10 years after Owen Wilson -- or, more specifically, male model Hansel -- saved the Prime Minister of Malaysia in "Zoolander," the actor got to meet the real PM, Najib Razak.

At an event attended by Wilson, the "Midnight in Paris" star was snapped shaking hands with Razak. The photo was tweeted out by Zoolander himself, Ben Stiller, with the caption "Hansel meets the real Prime minister of Malaysia!"

The 2001 film starred Stiller as a male model brainwashed into assassinating the Malaysian PM. Wilson played Hansel, Zoolander's up-and-coming male model rival.

Although there have been talks of a sequel to the cult comedy -- in October, Stiller revealed that the plot would take place ten years after the first film -- there haven't been any recent updates regarding "Zoolander 2."

[via @RedHourBen and THR]

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