When it comes to awkward-looking male apparel, "Borat" got there first.

An application for an item known as "Scrotal Support Garment" (can't make this stuff up) has been rejected by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. The patent examiner cited a picture of Sacha Baron Cohen in the infamous outfit from the 2006 comedy as proof that the design wasn't original.

Donald R. Quinn, who apparently never saw the hirsute Cohen in his barely-there neon green suit, described his invention as "support devices for male genitalia, and particularly to a scrotal support garment that provides support for the scrotum for patients having ailments or medical conditions affecting the genitalia or groin in order to relieve pain or discomfort."

Images of Quinn's design and the patent examiner's eloquently pictorial response (front and back images of Cohen in the nearly identical suit).

To see the design, head over to THR.
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