Apparently, it wasn't a sailboat (or a even a schooner).

"Mallrats," the 1995 cult comedy from director Kevin Smith, was chock full of quotable moments, not least being the ongoing Magic Eye saga, which featured William Black (Ethan Suplee) trying -- and continuously failing -- to see a hidden pattern in a Magic Eye display at the mall. As the days pass, shoppers of all ages point out Black's Magic Eye ineptitude and his inability to see the sailboat.

However, thanks to one devoted YouTube user, it appears that there never really was a sailboat in the first place. As slightlymentolated points out through the magic of Photoshop, the image is actually a series of shapes. To see for yourself, you can check out the video above.

See, William? There was no reason to tell those smart kids the Easter Bunny didn't exist. They were just as wrong about the Magic Eye image as you were.

[via Reddit]
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