Taylor Kitsch is really taking being an underdog to heart.

The "John Carter" star, who appears on the verge of a breakout with two other high profile features lined up for 2012, isn't letting poor box office and bad reviews stop his dreams of "John Carter 2."

About that box office: despite costing at least $250 million to produce -- with millions more spent on marketing -- "John Carter" earned just $30 million on its opening weekend, and has grossed just $62 million in the U.S.

Kitsch seemed to develop a personal relationship with the scantily clad hero and its history.

"I'd love to go do John Carter 2," he said. "I really would. It's just shitty I don't get to work with the [John Carter] family. It really was a special thing."

But Kitsch is solidering on and will "keep working." He will next be seen in Peter Berg's art house film, "Battleship," which hits theaters May 18. He's also set to star in Oliver Stone's "Savages" out this July.

[via EW]
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