Details regarding Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight Rises" have been closely guarded since its inception. (See what we did there?) However, that didn't prevent one of the film's stars from being semi-careless with his script.

In an interview with BBC News, Gary Oldman, who portrays Commissioner Gordon, admitted to misplacing his personal screenplay for the Batman sequel.

"I was in a panic for 20 minutes... I thought, 'Where the hell have I put it?' It had my name on it. They would have killed me."

Lucky for Oldman, he found the script in his hotel room later in the evening.

"I'd gone out for dinner and I had put it in the room between the mattress and the bed, because I couldn't scrunch it into the safe. I was half-thinking about something else and shoved it there," said Oldman.

Despite the secretive methods for protecting the film, there have been plenty of on-set photos from "TDKR" popping up on the Web. For now, however, plot details for the highly anticipated sequel have been left intact.

For more on the lengths the director has gone to keep the story safe, head over to the BBC.

"The Dark Knight Rises" hits theaters nationwide on July 20.

[via BBC]
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