Can you guess the most popular DVD bought in 2011? Probably. (Hint: It has to do with a boy wizard.) However, predicting the most rented DVD of last year may prove a bit more difficult.

Per the LA Times, 2011's top movie rental was "Red." Although the action film, starring Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren and Morgan Freeman, didn't come close to cracking the top ten in sales, it did manage to edge past "Due Date" for the number one slot.

Rounding out the top ten were "Little Fockers," "Unstoppable," "The Social Network," "Bridesmaids," "The Tourist," "The Lincoln Lawyer," "The Fighter" and "Dinner for Schmucks." (And people say awards season doesn't matter; there's a total of eighteen Academy Awards nominations on this list!)

For the top ten DVD sales of 2011, head over to the LA Times.

[via LA Times]
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