There is something magical about experiencing an event with fans who are just as excited as you are. With the anticipation leading up to our Hunger Games charity event in New York City, that feeling multiplied in spades for us.

We here at The Hob are not only fans of the series, we also helped to create a unique viewing experience for our readers. We weren't just watching a movie together, we were all helping a great cause. Our event benefited WhyHunger, a charity combating hunger and poverty in the world. Inspired by Katniss herself, we knew just one person can make a difference, so we went into action. From the vendors who donated merchandise, to our attendees who opened their wallets, to our volunteers who helped organize it all -- fans rallied around the chance to make an impact.

The movie had multiple screenings at the Union Square theater where we hosted our event, which added to the excitement and energy. Everyone you met and walked past was there to see The Hunger Games. There were constant discussions happening around us -- what fans were excited to see, what they were feeling about the book, and photos shared from the red carpet premiere in Los Angeles. The mood was positively electric. We had local and national press in attendance as well, who were talking with us inside and along the streets of Manhattan capturing the fervor. Their presence made everyone feel they were truly part of an extraordinary event.

Our team greeted attendees with swag bags, posters, bookmarks, raffle tickets and many other items as a special thank you for joining us. Many purchased dozens of raffle tickets to win an array of prizes. Fans also came dressed as their favorite characters, all anxiously waiting to finally see their favorite scenes, quotes from the book, and their beloved characters come to life. This was a very special night with a diverse group of people who were all there for the same reason - our love of the story from Suzanne Collins' world of Panem.

Everyone in the theater had a smile on their face. Once the room darkened, applause and excited whispers filled the air. Nothing beats a group experience like that -- devoted fans gathered together to watch dreams made real on the big screen, all while doing their part to make the world a better place.

To view photos from the event, head on over to ourFacebook page.

Written by Lee Orlando
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