With her otherworldly, ethereal look, Lily Cole ("The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus") is the perfect casting choice for Ernessa, the vampiric ghostly character in Mary Harron's "The Moth Diaries," which hits theaters in limited release this week. Cole's modelling experience also helps, as Ernessa spends much of the movie floating like a wisp from scene to scene.

Based on the popular young adult book of the same name, "The Moth Diaries" follows the story of a young woman (Rebecca, played by Sarah Bolger) sent to an elite all-girls boarding school. Cole's Ernessa stymies Rebecca's excitement by interfering with her circle of friends, but not in the usual teenage way. Ernessa seems to favor nighttime activities, and dresses like she's from another era. (Hint: she is.) She is dark, cryptic and expressionless, and seems to be able to put the other girls in a trance. Everyone except Rebecca, that is.

Moviefone caught up with Cole at the Toronto Film Festival, where she talked about her real-life experiences at an all-girls school (stop fantasizing, fanboys), how she approaches playing a supernatural character and what's going on with that sidelined Marilyn Manson project.

The Moth Diaries
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