High school can be hard enough without supernatural forces driving you crazy. Director Mary Harron ("American Psycho") brings the tribulations of an all-girls' boarding school to life as you've never seen it before in the big-screen adaptation of "The Moth Diaries," which hits theaters (in limited release) this week.

Sarah Bolger ("The Tudors") stars as a bright young student named Rebecca who can't wait to get to boarding school with her BFF Lucie (David Cronenberg's new favorite, Sarah Gadon, from "A Dangerous Method"). Unfortunately, Rebecca's dreams of a fun, carefree boarding school experience are dashed by the creepy new girl, Ernessa (model-turned-actress Lily Cole). Rebecca knows there's something not quite right about the new girl who's stealing her best friend, but nobody believes her. Even her hunky English teacher, Mr. Davies (Scott Speedman) thinks she's crazy!

Moviefone Canada caught up with Bolger and Speedman at the Toronto Film Festival to chat about boarding school, mean girls and what it was like working with Mary Harron.

Check out the Bolger interview (above) and the Speedman interview (below).
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The Moth Diaries
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