"Ice Age: Continental Drift" doesn't arrive in theaters until July 13, but Manny, Sid and Diego (and Scrat too!) have an early environmental message for their fans.

To take part in Earth Day 2012 (April 22), the prehistoric gang is partnering up with Keep American Beautiful to help get you to practice environmental acts of niceness. That means lowering gas emissions, recycling, keeping water clean, planting a tree, using public transportation and conserving electricity. Whew, got all that? Because you can also eliminate toxic cleaning products, bike to work, contact your local Congressman, organize a community clean-up and do much more in your daily routine to make things cleaner for you and your family. What better way is there to spend a lovely Sunday afternoon in the spring, than making sure there are lovely Sunday spring afternoons for the future?

And remember: just because Earth Day is April 22, it doesn't mean you have to stop there. Head over to the Keep America Beautiful and Earth Day websites, to get more info on how you can help do your part on a daily basis. Then by the time "Ice Age" rolls around in July, you can treat yourself with a night at the movies.

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