Add a Katniss Everdeen Barbie to the growing cornucopia of "Hunger Games" movie tie-in products.

This week, Mattel unveiled the bow-and-arrow-carrying, braid-wearing doll to the masses.

"I chose to dress her in the outfit she wears during the games, since this is where all the non-stop action takes place and is instantly recognizable by fans," designer Bill Greening (a.k.a. a real-life Cinna!) told EW. "Of course, she wears her mockingjay pin proudly on her lapel."

Greening, who says he's "a huge 'Hunger Games' fan," took his inspiration directly from Jennifer Lawrence's costume in the film, and touted the doll's "minimalistic style and details ... and makeup-free look that really embody the heroic character Katniss."

The doll seems to be blush and lipstick-free but appears to have Barbie's traditionally lush eyelashes and eyeliner, as if Katniss didn't quite wash off all that Capitol glitz before going into combat.

Katniss Barbie won't be available until August, but you can pre-order it starting today. To see what she looks like, head over to

[via EW]
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