Do you have a friend who finds it necessary to provide color commentary while watching a movie? Well, this may be the perfect way to shut them up -- at least for a little.

Introducing the PercyFX smartphone app, which lets you insert custom messages into your favorite scenes. (Cue collective groan from filmmakers everywhere.)

"It's kind of like in your high school yearbook, everybody chose a quote from a movie," Julie Steiner, president of Toronto-based Percy3D, told the LA Times. "This is sort of this generation's version of that."

According to the Times, the app lets you place greetings into scenes from a small selection of Universal and Paramount films, including "Bridesmaids," "Animal House," and "Sixteen Candles."

You can check out an example of PercyFX at work in the video above. (There's a less cheesier custom clip from "The Big Lebowski" over on the LA Times website.)

The free app is currently available for download on both the BlackBerry and iPhone. However, you must purchase credits to actually put your own personal joke into a film.

[via LA Times and PercyFX]
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