"Jaws," the movie that launched Steven Spielberg's career and spawned the horror of millions of beach-goers, is finally coming to Blu-ray.

Universal and Spielberg digitally remastered and restored the 1975 thriller, reaching back to archival footage for hours of extras. They've also unearthed the original negative of the film, which Spielberg himself calls "pretty crummy."

In an exclusive clip over on EW, Spielberg admits that "What's exciting about this digital age .... is that we can bring these classics back to life in a way that makes them even more vivid than we remember them."

Thankfully, he's sworn off the kind of digital "enhancements" that George Lucas favors for the "Star Wars" franchise, so the movie you'll be seeing will be the same one audiences saw back in 1975.

Other special features include "The Shark is Still Working: The Impact & Legacy of Jaws" and an all-new short documentary on the film.

You can see a video of the extensive restoration, along with "before" and "after" shots over at EW. The Blu-ray hits shelves August 14.

[via EW]
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