Does everybody know what time it is? It's Tool Time! That's right, Disneynature is proud to present Freddie "The Tool Man" from its newest documentary, "Chimpanzee."

The movie chronicles the true story of Oscar, a young baby that was orphaned and left to fend for himself in the wild. Incredibly, filmmakers were able to record Oscar's adoption into a neighboring chimp community, and chronicle his upbringing and growing pains.

In this exclusive sneak peek, audiences learn how the primates gather vital food from thick-shelled nuts -- a strategy that's sure to please the film's narrator, Tim Allen. Little rocks just won't get the job done, so they obviously need, as Allen says, "more power. Argh-argh-argh!"

What follows is like an episode of Tim's "Home Improvement" mixed with "National Geographic": Fellow chimp Freddie commits a major violation of tool law and pilfers another ape's equipment.

This chimp could seriously benefit from a wise lesson about the Mesopotamians from his fenced-in neighbor, Wilson.

"Chimpanzee" arrives in theaters on Friday, April 20, Earth Day weekend.
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