I grew up in a Jewish household, where my family liked to keep all the yarmulkes (for all you gentiles, that's the shiny piece of cloth you wear on your head during services) in a drawer in the dining room. So when Jason Segel tells Emily Blunt -- in this new clip from "The Five-Year Engagement" -- about a drawer exclusively dedicated to his religious belongings, know that it's based in truth. (Also, his mutha would be so proud!)

The upcoming Judd Apatow-produced comedy follows Tom (Segel) and Violet (Blunt), a couple attempting to get married, only to have many, many obstacles get in the way. In this scene, Tom and Violet's respective families sit down to discuss the religious customs that will be taking place at the wedding. However, because Tom was raised a Jew, and Violet a Christian, it makes the preparations slightly complicated.

Should the men wear yarmulkes? Yes, but then non-Jewish guests will have to receive communion. ("Wait, that's not happening at my son's wedding!") You can see the rather awkward exchange go down in the video above.

"The Five-Year Engagement," starring Segel and Blunt (and directed by Nicolas Stoller of "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" fame) will hit theaters nationwide April 27. L'chaim!

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