The "RoboCop" reboot has already found its lead cyborg (Joel Kinnaman from TV's "The Killing"), so it's with some regret that we hear Edward Norton might be joining -- not as the half-man, half-machine hero -- but as the man behind the futuristic crime fighter.

The Tracking Board posted the rumor that the Oscar-nominated actor would "fittingly enough, play the role of Norton, the brilliant mastermind behind bringing RoboCop to life."

Gael Garcia Bernal is reportedly in talks to play Jack Lewis, the "dashingly handsome police partner" to Alex Murphy (the future RoboCop), while Rebecca Hall ("The Town") might play Clara, Murphy's widow who begins a relationship with his ex-partner. (In the original film, Murphy's partner was played by Nancy Allen.)

Sean Penn, an actor who's well-known for his liberal activism, is supposedly being courted to play "a right-wing news reporter who sticks to his guns when it comes to his political views." (Now that would be interesting.)

Though, "RoboCop" wasn't at all the project we'd envision for acting heavyweights, at least Norton and Penn get to finally share the screen.

[via Slashfilm]

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