Coming off the heels of Tina Fey's role in "Admission," the actress has lined up another feature film gig, but this time, she's going back to her comedic roots. reports that Nancy Meyers of "Something's Gotta Give" and "It's Complicated" wants Fey for her upcoming odd-ball comedy, "The Intern." The film follows the friendship between Fey and her over-70 intern "who is bored with retirement from a middle management career."

Meyers told Deadline's Mike Fleming, she "was attracted to the pressures the character feels with her business, her husband and kids, and seeing all this from the point of view of a man who has been through it." Apparently, Meyers has her eye on a graybeard to play opposite Fey but "but won't say until he's cast."

We'd love to see "Little Miss Sunshine" actor Arkin in the part, although a crotchety Ed Asner could be a hilarious update on "Mary Tyler Moore." Our other casting suggestions: the lovably loony Christopher Lloyd ("Back to the Future"), fiercely intimidating Terence Stamp ("The Limey"), or perhaps Jack Nicholson, who worked with Meyers in "Something's Gotta Give."

Regardless, Fey + older dudes = solid gold.

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