April 20 is an unofficial national holiday for the insomnia-affected part of the nation that likes to party. If that sentence made zero sense to you, then skip this article. But for those who may be interested in celebrating 4/20, Moviefone has put together a list of film recommendations that we think you'll find mesmerizing (and don't worry, you're not going to end up on some government watch-list).

Psst, yeah you -- look, you can watch anything today and it will be amazing. Frankly, we're amazed that you've read this far without getting distracted; so if there are Tumblr GIFs you need to stare at for twenty minutes, then go ahead and bookmark this page and keep it on file.

And stoners consider this your one warning: Most of these videos are NSFW.

Moviefone doesn't condone the use of illegal substances... But, if you can't laugh along with this article, you really need to mellow out.
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